Authentic, wild and mysterious, Corsica is one the ile which inspires the journey and the adventure. From north to south, between sea and mountain she abounds in unique landscapes in époustouflants sets. In feet, in bike or in boats, numerous are the ones who ventured there, with for the same envy, to discover otherwise the ile and its hidden treasures.


And why not in Roller??! Certainly the imperfect and sometimes sinuous roads would discourage from it more from one but not me, I meet the challenge! To my credit, already two chalenges sportsmen between Nice and Marseille (186,4 Miles on 3 days) with as support of promotion the blood donation. Through the sport, it is an original way of making sensitive the population has this public-spirited act, has the hour or the donors make rarer and the request increases ceaselessly. Numerous newspapers had covered the project (Nice Matin, La Provence, daily papers) as well as a report for a local chaine from Marseille.


My new project, (planned for April-May on 2012) of bigger scale will be to make the ballot of Corsica by its coast. From Calvi I shall cross all the cities stages by borrowing the roads of the seaside and the secondary roads, the last stage St Florent ("Cape Corse" and the "Desert of Agriates") to return on Calvi. This course includes neighborhood 497,096 Miles which I plan to make on a dozen days, with always the same support of communication around the blood donation.


My equipment will be the lightest possible, bag has back with the minimum necessities (brush has tooth, camera etc.). For the sleeping around I shall seek the hospitality and the generosity at the inhabitant of the city or I would have decide to stop sleeping and putting back me in conditions for the next day. In other words that this adventure promises to be rich in meetings, division, solidarity but also of unforeseen, discouragements and galleys! But wonderful and enriching in general.


Such an expedition  gets ready both at the level of the material (adapted Rollers), and of the communication around this one. Would accept you to make party of this adventure and to participate in it in any way?? Sponsoring, article, report, why not to envisage an embarked camera has the end to make a small documentary movie?! So many possibilities, ideas around a sports chalenge which deserves to be revealed to call back has all the utility and the importance of  donation of blood, an act which no coute nothing but which brings énormément


I thank you for having taken time to read to me, I hope that this initiative will draw your attention, and why no useful collaboration around this project, which is above all is a HUMAN ADVENTURE OR ALL THE WORLD IS WELCOME.


(sorry for the mistakes of translation it is not perfectly)


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